Hearing Coverage

For years, claimants and disability lawyers have struggled through the SSA disability hearing process. Scheduling, high travel costs, cancelations, and reschedule headaches have been the norm. With innovative technologies and a strong support staff, Assure Disability simplifies the disability scheduling and hearing process for lawyers and law firms by coordinating a network of independent attorneys and law firms.


Give your firm a national client base

Need a lawyer to attend a remote disability hearing? Assure Disability offers a one-stop scheduling system for lawyers and law firms. Each month law firms are able to schedule hearings in markets that are difficult to travel to.

Want to attend more hearings in your area? Each month Assure Disability has hearings in locations near you.


Nationwide network

Assure Disability allows you to join more than 500 disability lawyers and firms which cover thousands of hearings each year. No more scrambling to find clients, as you’ll have real time access to hearing opportunities at every hearing office throughout the nation. Can’t get to a remote location to attend one of your hearings? Simply log on to our network and with the click of a button fill your monthly calendar.

Organized scheduling

Assure Disability has created a calendaring system that has made disability hearing scheduling more collaborative and dynamic. It has revolutionized the scheduling process, so that now you can attend hearings in your area while having access to our network of attorneys you can’t attend a hearing in person.

Bottom-line savings

Assure Disability’s nationwide network and innovative scheduling processes create operating efficiencies and cost-reduction opportunities for all firms and attorneys in our network. Need help managing your disability calendar? Tired of missing hearings? Need help with briefs or other legal services? Assure Disability is here and ready to help.