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For years, claimants and disability lawyers have struggled through the SSA disability hearing process. Scheduling, high travel costs, cancelations, and reschedule headaches have been the norm. With innovative technologies and a strong support staff, Assure Disability simplifies the disability scheduling and hearing process for lawyers and law firms by coordinating a network of independent attorneys and law firms.

Need a lawyer to attend a remote disability hearing? Assure Disability offers a one-stop scheduling system for lawyers and law firms. Each month law firms are able to schedule hearings in markets that are difficult to travel to.

Want to attend more hearings in your area? Each month Assure Disability has hearings in locations near you.

Assure Features

Nationwide Network

Assure Disability allows you to join more than 500 disability lawyers and firms which cover thousands of hearings each year. No more scrambling to find clients, as you’ll have real time access to hearing opportunities at every hearing office throughout the nation. Can’t get to a remote location to attend one of your hearings? Simply log on to our network and with the click of a button fill your monthly calendar.

Organized Scheduling

Assure Disability has created a calendaring system which has made disability hearing scheduling more collaborative and dynamic. It has revolutionized the scheduling process so that now you can attend hearings in your area while contract out hearings you can’t attend.

Bottom-Line Savings

Assure Disability’s nationwide network and innovative scheduling processes create operating efficiencies and cost-reduction opportunities for all firms and attorneys in our network. Need help managing your disability calendar? Tired of missing hearings? Need help with briefs or other legal services? Assure Disability is here and ready to help.

For Attorneys

Advanced Hearing Tools

Assure Disability puts you in control. Assure Disability offers hearings for disability lawyers in their practice location. Each month a disability hearing calendar is generated showing the hearings available. Lawyers can choose to attend the hearings they want and ignore the rest. You don’t want to attend hearings in California or Wisconsin? Don’t. You choose the hearings you want to attend, when you want to attend, at a fee that’s right for you.

Quick Payments

Need money right now? Can’t wait until the end of the month for payment? Assure Disability allows you to request immediate payment for the hearings you attend*. Assure Disability’s easily accessed pay now function makes requesting payments simple, quick and easy. *Additional costs for pay now

Secure Documents

No more chasing down documents! Assure Disability provides you an all-in-one database that allows you to access and track your hearing documents with just an internet connection. Need to get a case file? No problem. Need to send back post-hearing reports? Done. Simply log in to our state of the art system to securely send and receive your hearing documents.

For Firms

Easy & Efficient Scheduling

Tired of wasting thousands of dollars a month flying your attorneys to different hearing locations? Assure Disability offers a consolidated approach to disability hearing scheduling. No more hearings scheduled days apart at the same hearing office. By scheduling multiple hearings each day at one hearing office, law firms can substantially lower their legal costs.

Increase Profits & Productivity

Are you getting the most out of your staff attorneys? Instead of eating up their days with travel to remote hearings, Assure Disability can offer you open hearings in your area. Keep your employees home and still get paid for their appearance!

Generate & Organize Briefs

Do you have trouble producing briefs for all your disability hearings? Assure Disability is there to help. Legal briefs provide critical insight for disability judges and a good legal brief can make the difference between winning and losing. Assure Disability lets your firm easily make requests for briefs for each of your disability hearings, which are uploaded and ready for you before the hearing.

Our Stats

1500 Average Monthly Hearings

200 Active Attorneys

50 State Coverage

$2500 Average Attorney Monthly Earnings

Customer Testimonials

What others are saying about us.

"Doing Social Security Disability hearings for Assure has been an amazingly fulfilling professional experience. It is very rewarding to be the "feet on the ground" at hearings for Claimants. Claimants appreciate someone local to lean on for support; and I completely appreciated the fact that I can always rely on Assure for well developed, accessible information regarding each of the hearings I attend. "


"The files are always well prepared and complete. Having everything on one website makes remote access easy even in the hearing itself. I do not need to lug around a suitcase full of files, and I can usually get in and out quickly. Payment is always timely, and in general working with Assure is hassle-free."

Matt, Esq.

"I have worked with Assure Disability for a number of years. Through the network, I have covered a large number of hearings. The Assure network makes it possible to supplement my existing practice and earn extra money. The website is very efficient and extremely user friendly. I am also able to be paid almost instantaneously for my work. It has been an excellent experience and I look forward to working with the network for years to come."

Jared, Esq.